Daily Driver Owned by Jlcw577

  • Purchased the completely stock back in march 2015 after I 'bumped' my M200. The car has sat nav in as standard and was in general a nice clean car!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    So as soon as I had to car the modifications began. I purchased some Mugen GP wheels in the original greyish colour from a forum and wrapped them in some yokohama advan sports. I then had the wheels refurbished as the paint had bubbled and in general wasnt in the best of condition. The wheels were sprayed with gun metal grey as a base layer with r8 grey over the top to get a close as possible match to the original colour on the wheels!

    Next to sort out was the rear of the car, in the form of more mugen goodies. I purchased the genuine mugen wing and rear splitter from the salvage company who were splitting my old m200, thankfully their ignorance and terrible attitude towards me paid off when they didnt realise the value of the parts they had. It led to me purchasing them cheaper than even any replica's I have seen!

    It wasnt then long before I got the bug to purchase more parts and before I knew it I had a mugen grille in my posession. Once it was painted in a fresh layer of gloss black paint it was time to fit it. The results were fantastic and massively changed the apperance of the car. To match the grille I got hold of some genuine mugen fog scoops which again improved the look of the car. Whilst I was on spending spree I thought I might as well change the mirror caps to some night hawk black ones to 'complete' the aggressive look of the car.

    After addressing the looks of the car it was time for some noise! I wanted a twin exit exhaust so one of the exhaust holes/loops or whatever you like to call it wasnt renderred pointless. Previously I had the miltek exhaust but this time I wanted more noise, this pointed me towards the invidia cat back. With its larger diameter it turned out just perfect, louder than the miltek without being an asbo exhaust at the same time, just what I wanted with it being a daily with high motorway milage. Fitting was straight forward, well it wasnt on my drive as getting it over the rear axle was emotional, but on a ramp it would have taken 30 minutes tops!

    It was only a week or so after doing this that I started thinking again, it needs something else. So first off was some tein lowering springs I ordered from a friend at co-ord motorsport to get the height sorted. But due to the time of year I have decided not to fit them untill next year, and mainly as there a fair bit more to come looks wise so I am going to fit it all in one go.

    Now to my latest purchase which I collected last night! Managed to get hold of a geniune mugen aero front bumper. Hoping to get this fitted around feb/march time next year as it needs respraying in white, and it also gives me chance to purchase more parts! To finish the looks fenders are in order at some point and a bonnet, which I am yet to decide upon!

    Next year should bring some big changes, both looks and performance wise. A big brake kit is going to be next as I find the stock brakes really poor in comparison with the rest of the car.

    Long term I want the car supercharged or it may be that I get round to fitting a turbo kit on this steed, where as on my old one I failed despite owning a complete tdi north turbo kit...

    So yh alot more to come hopefully if circumstances allow but for now this is how he stands! A few more slight modifications inside and out but nothing major but heres some photo's!!!
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