John's Fifth Accord
Daily Driver Owned by John Dickson

  • The car has the Honda Premium Pack fitted - Elegance carpet mats, protective site mouldings, mud flaps, boot tray, illuminated doorstep garnish (in lieu of standard stainless steel doorstep garnish that comes in standard Premium Pack)
  1. looks good mate, ever thought about tinting the windows though?
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    2. bijomaru Avatar
      And Type-S :Wink:
      bijomaru, Wednesday 9th Sep, 2015
    3. John Dickson Avatar
      Ah yes Type-S got privacy glass as well.
      John Dickson, Wednesday 9th Sep, 2015
    4. leep17 Avatar
      my ex has privacy glass but it is the tourer so maybe that's why..
      leep17, Thursday 21st Jul, 2016
  2. looks in good condition, suggestion - paint the brake callipers white!
    1. John Dickson Avatar
      Thanks mate. Never thought about painting the callipers to be honest. Not sure if it would be a good idea or not as the car produces so much brake dust far more than the other 5 Accords I've had. I was getting a bit concerned about it so I asked the dealer to have a look last time it was in - thought it was maybe because the brake pads are getting down but everything was ok.
      John Dickson, Saturday 5th Sep, 2015
  3. This is the only White 8th Generation I can find in the garage. Very nice, hopefully I will be able to find Type-S in white when the for an upgrade is right.
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    1. John Dickson Avatar
      Thanks @bijomaru it is a rare colour. Never seen another one on the road but my dealer currently has a demonstrator in white ES GT saloon. Certainly can't deny it when someone says they saw me somewhere with this car :Smile:
      John Dickson, Thursday 18th Dec, 2014
    2. John Dickson Avatar
      I know I said I've never seen another white one on the road well that's changed the last two nights I've seen another on my way home from work in exactly the same place both times as well.
      John Dickson, Saturday 5th Sep, 2015
  4. Still not seen this one yet john

    You'll need to keep and eye on your garnish next week or it might end up in my car
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    1. MickyB Avatar
      You are missing a real gem
      MickyB, Thursday 6th Nov, 2014
  5. Can't believe I haven't rated your car yet:Niceone:
    Naughty Monkey Hanger!!! All sorted now
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    1. John Dickson Avatar
      Don't think the Geordie/Northumbrian git has rated yours yet either - will sort that now. Arctic Blue Pearl is the 7th Generation colour to have! :Smile:
      John Dickson, Friday 19th Sep, 2014
  6. Looks well very nice car
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    1. John Dickson Avatar
      Cheers bud! Sorry just noticed your post now.
      John Dickson, Tuesday 12th Aug, 2014
  7. That colour just looks fantastic, really suits the Accord.
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    1. John Dickson Avatar
      The colour is growing on me more and more as time passes - and it isn't as bad to keep clean as I thought it's a bit like silver; hides the dirt. The downside is it's so distinctive people I know spot the car and know it's me straight away.
      John Dickson, Tuesday 15th Apr, 2014
  8. Beautiful and I'd love one. What more is there to say !
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  9. Thanks Mike.
  10. This car looks stunning in White Orchid Pearl, what a great car
    Mike c
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