Jolly green giant
Daily Driver Owned by Green teapot

  • Bought to update our 02 reg 2.0 auto 2nd Generation that gave great service for the last 3yrs. Converted 3 friends to the cause,who now all have 2nd gens.
    3rd Generation has different character,but hoping it behaves as well as its esteemed predecessor....
  1. Very nice. I've never seen one in that colour either, but it looks good.

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  2. That's a very clean CR-V you've got there and in a rare colour too! :Niceone:
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  3. Thanks speedy gee.
    Never seen another this colour-wife wasn't so sure about it, but I love it -why have black or silver like every other car? Was green tea only a 2007 colour does anyone know?
    One owner,low low miles but good history.
    Nice to have a uk forum-so much of the other CR-V options seem very u.s. Based.
    Good info here-the faq section etc.
    Appreciate the welcome
  4. Looking good !

    And well done on converting some friends :clap:
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