Jonesy Civic sport
Daily Driver Owned by Jonesy88

  • Bought this a few weeks ago upgraded from an ej9 to an ep2 as much as I miss my ej9 this car puts a smile on my face bought with a few mods already done to it but will be sure to put plenty more on it

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Type-R grill ( don't know why people do it but was on the car when bought ) will be replaced with the mugen one
    Spoon n1 rep back box
    Mugen rear spoiler on order
  1. Got the mugen spoiler and the grill was on the car so just wait till I have the money to get a mugen one going to lower it on coils looking for some rota grids too have priced a Carbon bonnet and boot but think that's a waste of time really on a sport but could be transferred over to an ep3 if I get one a few of my mates have said to get it wrapped carbon but it doesn't really look the part in my eyes just looks like a giant sticker
  2. Another 7th Generation Civic. Looks great. Great colour too, but then I may be a bit biased.
  3. Seems well looked after :Thumbup:
  4. Nice looking ride bud.a Civic with proper rear suspension
  5. Another EP2 - she looks nice. Agree about the Type-R badging, never understood why people try to make their car something it isnt.

    What other mods do you have planned for her?