Josh's DC5
Daily Driver Owned by WalshDC5

  • My 5th Honda, 3rd Type-R, 2nd Integra and 1st DC5.
    Absolutely my favourite Honda out of all that I've owned! It's the C pack so comes with all the goodies (apart from the rear wiper as that has been removed)

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    -Titanium angled cat back exhaust with burnt tip
    -K&N Typhoon induction kit
    -Skunk2 weighted gear :tut:
    -Yellow Speed coilovers
    -20mm spacers
    -rear wiper delete
    -fully rebuilt gearbox with carbon lined synchros (massive thanks to Slide Motorsport and Grinspeed)
  1. Droooooooool. :likeit:
  2. Very nice indeed.:Niceone:
    Do you eat Haribos by any chance??? Ask @DC5Cassie our resident expert on them.:Grin:
  3. any engine shoots?
    1. WalshDC5 Avatar
      Just cleaning it all up at the moment mate. I'll get some up when I give it a good clean
      WalshDC5, Thursday 25th Feb, 2016
  4. very nice

    my favourite colour too
  5. Yay. Another 5. Lovely looking car you have. Totally biased. Sorry everyone else!
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    2. DC5Cassie Avatar
      The saying is that if you don't look back at your car when you've parked it, you've bought the wrong car.

      Had mine exactly a year longer than you. July 2014 I got him. Not a day has gone by where I hate it. Also, mine was practically a fresh import that I bought off a guy on ITRDC5 forum.
      DC5Cassie, Monday 25th Jan, 2016
    3. WalshDC5 Avatar
      Nice! There have been brief moments in time where I could've quite happily crashed it through a wall but I love it really!
      Having a slight issue with the IACV at the minute but getting a new one wednesday.
      If I was to do it again id have done the same and got a fresh import one
      WalshDC5, Monday 25th Jan, 2016
    4. DC5Cassie Avatar
      The IACV is a common problem with them. I've had a couple of shouts at it for hunting but I find giving it a good thrashing sorts it out.

      Glad to see another owner looking after a 5 though. It's not hard work, it's just maintenance.
      DC5Cassie, Monday 25th Jan, 2016
  6. so after much waiting, i finally got my car back from the garage :Happy:
    Feels exactly like a Type-R should, i'm completely over the moon with it!
    Bring on the shows
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  7. Its car like these that Honda should be making.

    Fantastic example you have there Squire, very chuffed for you - appreciate you kindly sharing its images. :Thumbup:
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    1. WalshDC5 Avatar
      Hopefully a few more will be going on when I get it back. 15 days without it so far, it's crippling!
      WalshDC5, Thursday 21st Jan, 2016
  8. thanks guys! Appreciate it :Smile:
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  9. Gorgeous, they have aged so well, could easily be a 2016 car!
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