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  • At the moment it has only K&N panel filter in OEM box. That's it, all around pure stock.

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    Ok, for a long time i did not post anything here. Thats because i am using my mobile to read HK on Tapatalk, can not find a way to update garage. So i am owner of my Type-S for a year and a bit, have done about 15K km on it. It is running well, love K24A3 engine. Things i have done by now:
    1. Brake pads all around, went for TRW pads, so far so good. I will not post part numbers, because it LHD and for RHD there might be a difference in parts. Cost me 92 EUR fitted.
    2. As my clutch started slipping at 168K kms, i went for it, fitted AISIN KH-063 kit (disk, pressure plate, throw bearing) disc and plate in this kit is OEM Honda parts, cost me 170 EUR, flywheel 22100-RBB-005 Honda OEM, cost me 380 EUR, 91214-PWA-003 main crankshaft oil seal. And it was only 6 hour labour to fit it which cost me 120 EUR. So for now i am sure it will be good for long time, hope so.
    3. Next is just oil, filter, bushes on rear antiroll bar. Fuchs Titan SuperSyn 5W20, ACEA A1/B1, API SN, i do change oil every 5-6K km, MANN FILTER W610/6, all together 57 EUR fitted.
    4. Rear back door refused to lock, actuator died on me, ordered one from CHINA, still waiting on it.
    5. As my handbrake did not release as it should, gave rear calipers a review, TRW ST1160 Brake Caliper Guide Sleeve Set for 5 EUR and Repair Kit, brake caliper (BUDWEG CALIPER, 203845) 24 EUR, labour cost me 25 EUR.

    And that is about it, next up is rear brake disk/pad replacement they have become uneven and rusty. Also doing valve clearance job in 2 weeks time, waiting for spark plug seals and head cover seal to arrive. I did not find a way to insert images from files so it's text only. I will try to update as things happens. Good luck all.
  1. There's real beauty in the pureness of a stock CL9.
  2. great looking Type-S you got there!
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