Kris81 K24 cl9
Daily Driver Owned by Kris81

  • This is my silver K24 cl9 accord executive, it is my daily driver covering about 3000 miles a month.
    It currently has 158000 miles on the clock.
    It's got the lot, full heated leather c/c sunroof, everything electric! And the best invention ever cruise control.

    I bought it back in Aug 2013 after I had borrowed one of my dad's cars for a year due to me selling my Audi avant to fund my new front room!

    I was originally going to view a purple cl7 in Scotland when I noticed this on my doorstep and thought I'd have a look at it as I had never looked round one before.
    So I jumped in head first and bought it!!!
    Briefly the lady who owned it used it to travel to work and home which was quite a distance, she put 50k on it in 2 years!
    Then it was parked up for nearly a year as her partner had intentions of using it as a second car to his 911!
    But he bought a Range rover instead to battle the snow.

    Before her it belonged to a Doctor, who spent a fortune on it, I have one bill for over £1400 when it had its 75000 mile service
    Then another for £500 for clutch
    Then £500 for new genuine honda exhaust!
    So I think it's been looked after.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    I'm slowly modding when funds allow,
    Mods already done
    K & N cone filter
    Apex lowering springs
    New KYB front shocks due to leak
    New smoked crystal fog lights with cree bulbs (old ones were smashed)
    Front rubber/foam splitter
    Neo chrome gear :tut:
    All sourced from ebay
    19" honda HFP alloy wheels
    Rear adjustable camber arms

    Future planned mods
    Reflash, Header, Both of littlebo I think.
    Arb upgrades.
    A spec Front lip.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Oil and filter - 135k
    Oil and Hamp oil filter - 146k
    NGK sparkplugs -146k
    Cabin filter - 146k
    Coolant flushed and replaced with Hondas type 2 blue coolant - 151k
    Oil change - 156k
  1. Hi - nice car well done.

    Do you know how much the car was lowered by compared to the original springs?
  2. The combination of the colour, wheels and rear spoiler make this one look pretty special.

    1. Kris81 Avatar
      Thankyou, I've restrained myself from putting a bodykit on it, as I think it looks well as it is, but I often get the urge to put a Type-S front lip on!
      Kris81, Wednesday 16th Mar, 2016
  3. I think I'm liking the mud flaps as makes it look a lil beefier, you still happy with um? That one pic that looks like has been slightly photo shopped looks epic :Smile:
    1. Kris81 Avatar
      Yeh, it was a filter on my phone, but looks good.
      I love mudflaps on a car, I've broke my front ones driving up onto little plastic ramps, they slipped on my imprint concrete drive and fired them to the back of the car taking the mudflaps with them! Lol
      I'm gonna get another pair though and put them back on.
      Kris81, Monday 12th Oct, 2015
  4. Just putting a list together of what mods I would like in the future......

    06 tsx intake cam
    J35 throttle body /TL throttle body
    Buddy club lightened pulleys
    Littlebo header and reflash
    Civic Type-R gears, 1 - 5
    Progress rear sway bar

    I think that would be my ideal set up.
  5. Next up mods wise has to be a aspec front lip I think, and lower the front abit more.

    But for now I'm happy.
    Getting rid of the winter tyres tomorrow and getting some summer ones, not sure which ones yet.
  6. Fitted my cheap cheap ebay mudflaps today, they didn't fit so good so out came the Stanley knife and now they fit spot on!

    Pics above
  7. I like it, gear :tut: is a fake though so I'd definitely change it for a genuine skunk2
    1. Kris81 Avatar
      Thanks fella,
      As for the gear :tut:, I don't get drawn into names and brands, it looked nice and does the same Job.
      Kris81, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
    2. Chunkylover53 Avatar
      Agreed, I had 1 myself! But the genuine article is much heavier which makes it easier to shift quickly. That said aesthetically it looks good.
      Chunkylover53, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
  8. Ha ha, just trying something different with the nuts, they were more to impress my son!

    Wheels might be up for sale soon, if I like the new ones I'm getting next week.
  9. Looks well looked after. Nice wheels too although I'm not sure about those pink wheel nuts. :Tongue:
    1. Kris81 Avatar
      Just trying to be cool in my sons eyes with the nuts!
      If I like the new wheels I'm getting next week these will be up for sale in think.
      Kris81, Saturday 7th Feb, 2015
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