Daily Driver Owned by lefty

  • My daily driver - no mods as I like to keep it as Honda intended - or am I just tight?
    The rear view is my favourite - I just love those rear exhausts! My wife has the 2lt and is dead jealous, as hers only have the single pipe!
    Had full Honda service history up to when I bought it in Dec 2012, and now I service it myself.
    Would love to replace with a newer version (mine is Sep 08) but as we all know they are like hens teeth.
  1. Looking good !

    Quite agree, it is indeed a nice rear :Smile:
  2. That's a smart powerful beastie you've got there :vtec:
    I keep mine as stock too. :Thumbup:
  3. :Happy:I have another members with the same car as mine:Hey:
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