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  • Woohoo, boot leak fixed, now to drain the swimming pool :Smile:

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    Bought 29/01/16
  1. [​IMG] :Wub:Aww, look what my missus bought for my car, she knows me so well..:Wink:
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  2. At last, got the 24 yr old sterio out and new one fitted, now to go fix the electronic areial which some 2ft little feral rat decided to try and tie a bow, he'll be a speed bump if I find out which one it was!
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  3. Quick update, new radiator and coolant fitted, full oil change inc. gearbox, diff, brakes.., full electronic diagnostics from seats to plugs :Smile: At the end of the month going in for full stainless free flow exhaust system, gonna purr like a kitten :Smile:)
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  4. To be honest guys I didn't know anything about the car, I needed a car and it came up at the right price and close, so went and saw in the rain, liked the shape and done the deal, so far I haven't found one modification away from the day it was made..lol
    The plan is to do initial repairs and then start getting the ol' girl restored as well as using her everyday, the last owner was happier with his Peugeot and only had the car 6 months, bit to much for him I think :Wink:
  5. You lucky lucky person
    My favourite car in favourite colour
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  6. Ooh finally a UK based Legend coupe, come on more info on this beauty!
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