Daily Driver Owned by Auto Ali

  • Honda floor mats,front,side and rear skirts, and tailgate spoiler, working factory-fitted Satellite Navigation, grey leather.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Rear honda led emblem (red works as a brake light, Foot well lights x4 ,Drls duel led control switch, wind deflectors, led bulb fitted all inside, sidelights, number plate lights,fog lights,

    Have but not fitted :Frown: need help plz .)
    honda logo puddle lights x4
    Not fitted and need help locating parts and numbers:
    Double din head unit, steering controls problem?:maddriver::drill:
    reverse camera
    drop down dvd player
  1. Ali, have you considered switchback DRL's that replace the indicator bulb? I have them in mine and they work and look great. Unfortunately I haven't any pictures.
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      Hi @Bones126 are your DRL the same as @chris2982 ? The fitment is wy21w 582 is that right? Kind regards Ali
      Auto Ali, Friday 26th Feb, 2016
    3. Bones126 Avatar
      Hi @Auto Ali , yeah the fitting is T20 the ones in Chris's link are the same as I have.
      Bones126, Monday 29th Feb, 2016
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      Auto Ali, Monday 29th Feb, 2016
  2. Very Nice car
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  3. hi @chris2982 quick question is it better to remove my sat nav screen and dvd rom player from under passenger seat to see what i have to work with in regards to wire connectors ,loom etc and to fit aftermarket double din unit in.
    1. chris2982 Avatar
      i only had the standard head unit in mine so no dvdrom.. had to take most of the dash out just to get the thing out,, the head unit in mine was bolted in from underneath.
      chris2982, Thursday 25th Feb, 2016
    2. Auto Ali Avatar
      OK will give it a go in holidays, soon Will take pics as I go along with the mods.
      Auto Ali, Thursday 25th Feb, 2016
  4. looking great Ali!!!
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      Auto Ali, Thursday 25th Feb, 2016
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