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  • Owned for six and a half years; used for both my business and as the family vehicle, I have put about 74K on the clock. It has been relatively trouble free. When I first bought it there was a problem with the tyres, the blasted garage had put some chunky looking ones on but they were stepped and caused the car to sing at lower speeds, they had also put a duff battery in and taken the navigation disc out. However that was all rectified and along with some new pads and discs we were away. The only other issue we have had is a rattle at 2,000 revs which seems to be something to do with the diesel especially in France. However after doing a job on the ERG system things are better, this is a story on its own. Subsequently I have had to replace wearing parts like pads and tyres (Bridgestone Duellers are brilliant) oh yes and the front shocks. (Interesting this as Honda appear to have fitted the ones from an earlier vehicle together with the track rod ends which caused all sorts of problems with finding replacements).

    Currently the car is mainly used for social purposes and going over to the continent, Just got back from a 3,000 mile trip to Sweden and Germany. She has also been down to the South West of France and Catalan. Next trip to the Auvergne in September and I shall put new all terrain tyres on as I am taking it off the metalled roads onto the ancient unclassified tracks and roads in the mountains.

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  1. Hello 1066Boy, I am sorry I have replied to you earlier,unfortunately I have only just come across your kind offer of help. ( I am not very good at these computer things).

    I did quite a lot of research into which tyres would suite best; the clear winners were the Goodyear Wranglers All terrain All season. Fortunately they come in the taller size so I fitted 215/70/R16 as opposed to the 65's. These give about an inch more ground clearance which is useful and the grip off road is fantastic. No problems with rubbing the arches even on full lock. (Mine is a second series CR-V others may have different sized arches). They do make the steering a bit heavier I was recommended 34psi all round and this does seem to make the steering more positive than 28 front 30 rear.

    I think this is quite a new tyre the web site Tyre Reviews Tyre reviews, tests and ratings - Tyre Reviews give them a very good write up. Good on the road too only downside is they do sing a bit on tarmac especially at high speed on concrete, but quite tolerable.

    I am going to leave them on for the winter to see how they do in the snow and ice.
  2. Out of interest what tyres are you thinking of fitting? I am an offroad fan and have experienced
    many different tyres in my time. I may be able to help/advise on a suitable type. :Smile:
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