LoCo - Potential Roobix replacement
Daily Driver Owned by SpeedyGee

  1. Nice, getting plenty of tlc now.
    I don't know why but I don't think the Pentas do anything on a black car, the replacements look much better.
  2. Looking mighty fine mate :clap:
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  3. looks a really nice example for one who had a rough life. I do love those Enkei Penta's though and wanted a set for mine, but them replacements do look really nice
  4. Looking tidier already! Wheels look awesome, what are they?
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    1. DrSam Avatar
      I agree, looks awesome.
      Alloys are Rota Torques 17s
      DrSam, Saturday 4th Feb, 2017
  5. That's a nice project you've got lined up.
  6. I must have missed this, look forward to the log and the restoration, should keep you busy. :Niceone:
    1. exec Avatar
      Very low miles I see too.
      exec, Wednesday 12th Oct, 2016
  7. Rough life cosmetically or mechanically (or both)?
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      A bit of both, currently running well though, only got one "knock on left turn to sort" out (possibly just offside front droplink) and exhaust pipe where it splits may have a slight blow in it.
      SpeedyGee, Tuesday 11th Oct, 2016