Magnum-Dark temptation
Daily Driver Owned by Accord-Brit

  • This is the only car I own, daily driven and soon it will hit the track.

    Modifications & Optional Extras


    Honda A-spec bodykit
    Mugen style ventilated visors
    carbon fiber rear wing
    custom diffuser
    custom front splitter and air dam
    paint colour changed to audi teak brown


    weapon R exhaust manifold and decat
    2.5" B pipe, stock back boxes
    custom 3" cold air intake piping
    apexi power air filter
    07-08 tsx ecu
    flash pro (tsx)
    thermal intake manifold gasket
    throttle body heater bypassed
    VTC cam gear (RBC 50*)
    Mfactory Magnetic sump plug
    ktuned aluminium shifter bushings
    Air con deleted


    EP3 gears 1-5 accord 6th
    syncrotech carbon lined syncros (full set)
    Mfactory 5.4 Final drive
    B series LSD machined to fit
    Action clutch stage 2 kevlar clutch
    Competition clutch 4kg lightened flywheel


    Tein streetflex coil overs
    Progress rear 22mm anti roll bar
    energy suspension front anti roll bar bushes
    Ingalls rear camber/toe arms
    fast brakes rear 312mm brake disks
    yellowstuff rear brake pads
    mintex front brake pads


    Broadway 300mm rear view mirror
    Takata drift 2 harnesses
    Corbeau pro series drivers seat
    corbeau club sport passenger seat
    custom seat mounts
    hurst pistol grip gear :tut:
    Custom short shifter
    drivers window safety net


    Team dynamic pro race 1.2's 18x7.5 all round
    Syron street race semi slick tyres 225x40x18

    honda pentas 17x7 all round (iirc)
    hancook ventus v12 evo road tyres

    Up coming modifications:

    OMP/sparco 330mm steering wheel + boss kit
    Ksport 8pot/yellowspeed 6pot/wilwood 6pot, 356mm front brake kit
    k20 oil pump + chain
    ktuned billet shifter box
    Clockwise motion baffled sump
    full roll cage
    ABS delete
    brake bias valve
    stiffer tein spring rate coils
    Tein edfc active pro+
    Skunk 2 front camber arms
    rear upper camber arms
    Innovative engine mounts 65A
    mercracing TVS supercharger kit
  1. So after having the gearbox built up and fit, the new action clutch kevlar kit, and the CC lightened flywheel, I've now reached 350 miles on it all and just flushed out the initial transmission oil for new, it's all bedding in nicely now just the clutch to go easy on until around 1000 miles then I can give it hell as much as I want.

    Before all of these upgrades I had an issue going into 1st gear, I had to force it in, my clutch pedal was stiff in both directions, it would crunch from 1st-2nd only at the top end 6000-7600rpm that happened for months any time I tried to hammer it without wheel spin, and then it also developed a crunch from 2nd-3rd 3 months ago again only at the top of the band, 3-4 weeks ago I decided to do a load of pulls against my mates honda's for a comparison of the performance before and after the overhaul, after around 15 crunchy pulls I completely lost 3rd gear, as it was coming out the following week I didn't care anyway.

    Since swapping the clutch master ( honda revision3) and slave cylinders, clutch/fly, gearbox, all of the issues are gone now, it shifts into gears with ease, the pedal is nice and light disengaging, a firm resistance as it engages, no crunching anymore as you would expect although a little notchy at times, and 1st gear is nice and easy to put in where before you really had to force the thing.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the condition of my old box inside once Bill (the wizard gearbox builder) opens it up, the stock clutch wasn't that bad after we had a look, the pressure plate might have been failing if anything, not disengaging fully that's my thoughts on why it started to ruin the syncros over time, the car would rock forward when parked up in neutral pressing the clutch down fully and trying to go into 1st gear, you could feel it move the car which isn't normal.
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    1. JamesS Avatar
      Did you ever get to see inside the old box??
      JamesS, Tuesday 22nd Mar, 2016
  2. That. Is. Awesome.
  3. So much love for this, epic build!
  4. Sawn you at TOTB and Croft Time Attack if I realised you where a club member I would have come and said Hi. No doubt you'll be around next year so I'll keep an eye out for you.
    1. Accord-Brit Avatar
      Ahh yeah I was there, I always try to make that show.
      Accord-Brit, Sunday 21st Feb, 2016
    2. MickyB Avatar
      Hoping to be at both again this year my daughter was working with the Eurospec team at both. She even ran her RS Megane 185 diesel at TOTB. But had the pleasure of a couple of runs in the Eurospec GTR time attack car.
      MickyB, Monday 22nd Feb, 2016
  5. do you have any info on the 312 rear brake upgrade?what car is it from etc etc
    1. Accord-Brit Avatar that's the kit H-Tune or Hond-R can sort you out if you want to order through a uk dealer.
      Accord-Brit, Sunday 21st Feb, 2016
  6. this is an incredible build. love the colour too.. not many people would dare go close to a brown but the shade of your care is mesmerizing..
  7. do you have a link to which resistors you are using?
  8. You sure have gone to town on this, very nice indeed :Smile:
  9. how did you get around having the airbag light on the dash.for mot
    any idea of weight?
    1. Accord-Brit Avatar
      I bought an airbag light resistor off ebay, the light is back on the dash after removing the front passenger airbag so i'll have to get another resistor ordered for that one, still not had the car weighed yet, it's a hell of a lot lighter than standard though I know that, the seats alone!
      Accord-Brit, Wednesday 29th Jul, 2015
  10. that looks gorgeous , , , loving the colour :dribble:
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