Marculos first Honda
Daily Driver Owned by marculos

  • 2.4 Executive with 16" alloys. Black interior including usual Executive toys. Daily driver.

    Service History & Related Threads

    All the stamps in the service book. Has only done a few k in last year, will service it soon !

    @19/03/2016 - Replaced interior courtesy and door lights with LEDs
    - upper lcd panel replaced

    @20/03/2016 - Replaced clutch fluid. Castrol DOT 4 Synthetic

    @22/03/2016 - Replaced gearbox oil (just over 2 litres) with Honda MTF

    @25/03/2016 - Replaced numberplate bulbs with LEDs and touched up stonechips with some new paint which has built in lacquer.

    @02/04/2016 - Replaced sidelight bulbs with LEDs and rear interior light with cheesy disco LED.

    @05/04/2016 - 108, 276 Miles. Replaced Oil - Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40. Replaced Oil Filter - Mann. Replaced Spark Plugs with NGK ZFR6F-11.
    Replaced pollen filter - Crossland cabin filter. Replaced glovebox light with LED
    @16/04/2016 - 108, 842 Miles. Replaced air filter with cotton green filter

    @14/05/2016 - @ 109k Miles replaced clutch and flywheel (OEM)

    @21/05/2016 - Replaced leather gear :tut: with Civic Type-R alu one and black alu sleeve.

    @12/07/2016 - Replaced broken passenger side xenon headlamp and bracket (ebay), lower airbox replaced (doner car). Temporary repair to bumper, passenger wing and bonnet.

    @15/07/2016 - Replaced all electric window switches from a type-s

    @16/07/2016 - Replaced battery with new ceramic battery
  1. @14/08/2016 - Replaced interior panel under steering wheel , now have a working coin pocket thingy. Replaced ashtray and cup holder from donor Type-S.
  2. @14/05/2016 - @ 109k Miles replaced clutch and flywheel Thank You @Holdcroft Honda Stoke, great job. Clutch pedal now light as a feather, wallet very empty lol
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    Don't forget to document the work on her in your Project Log.