Mart's JDM Accord CF2 (US) Wagon SiR
Weekend Toy Owned by Mart609

  • Owned this for 3yrs now it's my daily driver
    It's a rare Honda Accord SiR (U.S Wagon) CF2

    Imported from Japan in 2008 with full Japanese service history and japanse Auction sheet (grade 4)and translated into English.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Current spec: 17/11/16
    Akimoto Induction kit with AEM Dryflow Filter
    Fujitsubo Manifold & downpipe
    Fujitsubo rep Catback System
    Red Rocker Cover
    Mugen oil cap
    Sun Auto HT Leads


    Chassis and Brakes:
    17x8 17x9 Rays Engineering Volk Racing Formula Mesh
    Rays Valve Caps
    Tein Basic Coilovers
    Juran Front Upper Strut Brace

    Bodywork & Exterior:
    Full SiR Lip Kit
    Mugen Front Grille
    Valuesports Rear Wing

    HKB Hub
    Mugen SW2 Steering Wheel
  1. Nice looking Accord, this is my favorite generation. Love the sedan and coupe too.
  2. Great looking Accord, it is one of my favorite in here! That body kit looks fantastic!
  3. hey I've worked on that car before ..the owner was a importer
    the number plate was private
    at the bottom was auto xl ??
    its rare but i have the four 4 version also
    and sold a few
    1. Mart609 Avatar
      Yep thats the car!
      Mart609, Thursday 22nd Jan, 2015
    2. accord1996 Avatar
      his name is Michael from kent i believe ..
      i have the 4dr cd5 converting to manual and dropping in the h22a7 if you need any help let me know
      accord1996, Saturday 21st Feb, 2015
    3. Mart609 Avatar
      Yep I think thats him.
      Let him know it's still going strong if you're still in contact with him.
      I'm planning on manual converting this this year too
      Mart609, Monday 23rd Feb, 2015
  4. hey i know its a long shot but do you still have this accord ?
    I've worked on this accord along time ago the owner lived in kent ?
    the licence plate was private marked auto xl .....
  5. watch this space :Wink:
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  6. Great car, such a shame it has a slushbox. A five speed conversion would make it a right beast.
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  7. nice acco. i never seen it before :shock:
  8. That's a well looked after Accord. :Photographer:
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