micko´s 8th Generation Cruiser
Daily Driver Owned by micko

  • just got it. nice daily driver. only 77000km on the clock.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    little protection from above in the rear view mirror. COMMING double din pioneer navi, Type-S rear spoiler, 18" rims, rear view camera, h&r springs.
  1. Getting my double din fascia, control adapters and rear view camera sometime next week. There will be a bit of diy with pics. Also have some sound proofing leftovers that I will be putting in as well.
    1. Kapetan Avatar
      Hi, could you send me a p.m please. Thanks.
      Kapetan, Monday 21st Sep, 2015
  2. Nice looking Accord @micko :Thumbup:

    Think the engine is a R20 though not a K20 :Smile:
    1. Nels Avatar
      I must confess I prefer OEM rims, but it's what you like on your car that counts.
      Nels, Thursday 7th May, 2015
  3. Congratulations. She looks like a good clean Accord.
    What 18" rims are you planning on getting?
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