Mike's CR-V EX
Daily Driver Owned by Mike c

  • This is my first 4x4 and one I have wanted since they first entered the showroom.
    After having Hondas since 1998 it had to be a Honda.
  1. really nice looking CR-V looks good in white
  2. Sweet mate, very nice indeed.
    Look lovely in white
    Nice to see a petrol unit as well ... I opted for DIEsel in the end :Frown:
  3. That is one clean car, and engine bay! Looking good...
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    1. Mike c Avatar
      Cheers , I do like to keep my baby clean and tidy. I try to keep the wife's Jazz as clean ( see my other pictures).
      Unfortunately there is a few minor chips on the Jazz and she has kerbed the front wheels a bit.
      Mike c
      Mike c, Friday 18th Apr, 2014
  4. Superb looking CR-V Mike.
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