Moo's K24
Daily Driver Owned by PapaMoo

  • Leather heated seats
    Cruise control
    Moon roof
    Rain sensor wipers
    Auto lights
    Fog lamps
    Cd changer
    Climate control

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    MTEC 6000K HIDS
    MTEC 7000K LED Exterior lamps
    MTEC 7000K LED Interior lamps
    MTEC 2400K Halogen Fog lamps
    MTEC Cosmo blue Full beam lamps
    Honda Spoiler
    Acura Rsx gear shift
    Honda Atr twin pot brake calipers
    Full brake refurb with Honda discs and pads
    Goodridge Phantom brake lines
    GruppeM Intake

    Service History & Related Threads

    Full Honda Service History (last service 16/12/14)
  1. No video of the GruppeM yet then bud? Will put one up of my Typhoon soon as sounds amazing especially when the VTEC kicks in :-D
  2. Fair play that engine bay is immaculate :Smile:

    Loving the GruppeM intake, was considering getting one myself so can I ask where you got it from and how much it cost?

    Welcome to the club man :-D
    1. PapaMoo Avatar
      Thanks for your comments the intake was from rhd Japan very good price check it out no video yet of the GruppeM but it will come soon
      PapaMoo, Tuesday 17th Feb, 2015
  3. Welcome to the Santino Alloy Club - only a few of us have those Santino Alloys, they are really very rare. She looks in great condition, great mods too
    1. PapaMoo Avatar
      I didn't like them at first before I brought the car but I'm completely in love now but they do have bad dusting damage in the lacquer on the inside of the rim I will get them refurbed but I don't want to go the powder coated route so I'll have to see what the options are
      PapaMoo, Sunday 28th Dec, 2014
    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      I had my Type-S rims sandblasted back to metal and prime/base/clear, they look fantastic, pics fitted. Nighthawk covered refurbing his Santinos himself here too.
      DeviateDefiant, Sunday 28th Dec, 2014
    3. MickyB Avatar
      There seems to be more Satinos surfacing now is that 3 of us now.?
      MickyB, Tuesday 30th Dec, 2014
  4. You have done well , impressed ! The the first time I have seen the santinos alloys with dual pistons behind them.
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    1. PapaMoo Avatar
      Now I know what my alloys are called its alluded me all this time many hours lost to goggle on that thank you.
      PapaMoo, Friday 19th Dec, 2014
  5. My first project was the atr front caliper upgrade and brake refurb the goal is to have the spoon mono block calipers but that's along way off and this is a good I inbertweeny the original front caliper had nasty corrosion and discolouration so it had to be addressed anyway so I thought I'd go for the atr calipers as they would bolt straight on and you don't have to change your discs so I picked up a pair from eBay cost me about £140.
  6. So I've had the accord since Feb 2014 I am the second owner and it had 60,000 on the clock when brought this is my first car I've owned. Before this I used my partners car which was a 04 corsa which she had from new she now drives a dodge caliber but for me I always wanted a honda. To start off I wanted a 4th Generation Prelude then that evolved into a honda atr for the practicality having two small children but I was looking for ages and nothing came up with low miles and good nick which then lead me to the cl9 fell in love with the shape and had to have one. Standard I don't think it's perfect it's to high you could get your head in the arch gap and even though it's nippy it still feels very restricted so it will take some time and money to get it where I want it but I really love this car and I'm fully invested.
  7. Looks like you have been taking care of her. That's something we really like!
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    1. PapaMoo Avatar
      I do like getting out an cleaning the car inside and out but I'm still learning technique and finding the right products that work best for me and after all that hard work it never stays clean for long
      PapaMoo, Thursday 18th Dec, 2014
  8. Had my service today only advisory was catalytic cover has some corrosion but that's not a worry at this time had fuel filter changed and valve clearances done my missus is taking part in a honda road test for the new Civic tourer she was loving the black edition in the showroom had some good feedback for the accord which feels real good focus now is suspension
    1. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      My '07 is just the same, luckily for me I'm not far off replacing the entire exhaust system.
      DeviateDefiant, Tuesday 16th Dec, 2014
    2. PapaMoo Avatar
      They all go the same way but I'm not worry the whole thing will be coming out sooner or later what exhaust system are you having will it be of the shelf or custom.
      PapaMoo, Wednesday 17th Dec, 2014
    3. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      The header will be Toda, likely a Magnaflow 200 cell cat, exhaust system itself may be custom or off-the-shelf, haven't quite decided yet, I'm going to ceramic coat from the head to the mufflers too.
      DeviateDefiant, Wednesday 17th Dec, 2014
  9. Looking good Matty, that intake looks so cool. I think you had a busy few days.
    1. PapaMoo Avatar
      Yah still got some bits to do I have some bad maring on the door panels and I have to clean the glass we're chat in the morning and I'll take you out for a rip
      PapaMoo, Tuesday 16th Dec, 2014
  10. Your GruppeM intake looks beautiful in the bay!
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