mr.xkr's Accord 2.4 i-VTEC Executive "Type-S"
Daily Driver Owned by mr.xkr

  • - OEM Honda Delta 18" wheels
    - Aero Modulo Pack
    - Interior Lightening Pack
    - OEM Honda Aluminium door garnish

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    - Headlights Retrofit from my last Accord (Bi-Xenon RX350 50W 66240CBI 5000K + DRL + ...)
    - Honda Spirior LED Tailights + Philips LED bulbs
    - Mugen 6MT knoob + VMS Racing short adapter
    - Upholster shifter
    - Hondata FlashPro

    Incomming (only waiting for install and remapping):
    - CAI Injen SP1432BLK
    - Hondata Hondata Heatshield Gasket K24Z3
    - RRC intake manifold + intake adapter + 70mm runners Honda RRC
    - 70mm Intake throttle valve + Honda J35 Adapter
    - Downpipe 2,5" RV6
  1. Nice ! The fact you can no longer buy a new accord in U.K. Showrooms is a tragedy , the back bone of Honda the car that has represented Honda quality and everything else over 30 years and it has disappeared from U.K. Showrooms !! What the hell are those plebs doing at HUK head office
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  2. Thank you all. Its great to see positive comments, but I also accept critic ones!
  3. hey which Philips led in rear?
    1. mr.xkr Avatar
      License plate/Front parking:
      T10 5W X-treme Ultinon LED car lamp (127994000KX2) in 4000K (there is also 6000K version with reference 127996000KX2)

      Blinkers, its that the word?:
      P21W X-tremeVision LED signaling (12764X2) -> For spirior LED tail lights! and Type-S FRONT amber bulbs.
      T20 X-treme Ultinon LED Car Lamp (12763X2) T20 -> For non spirior LED tail lights (front and back).
      Blinkers requires changing blink relay or put resistors, about 12ohm 25W, Phillips sells it with reference CEAY21W.
      mr.xkr, Friday 23rd Sep, 2016
    2. mr.xkr Avatar
      3rd brake:
      Philips LED Vision 7440 WY21W (12838REDB2)

      Brake/parking in tail lights (not needed in Spirior LED):
      T20 Philips 7443 Intense Red Vision LED Stop/Tail light, 2 Pack (12835REDB2)

      All are very recommended.

      Keep in mind references may vary depending of your car model, etc., check bulb base before buy!
      mr.xkr, Friday 23rd Sep, 2016
  4. :Wub: Aero Modulo Pack
  5. Superrrrrrr
  6. Very very nice, the tail lights are a nice touch too.