mr.xkr's Accord Type-S i-DTEC
Daily Driver Owned by mr.xkr

  • I hope you like these shots. I've shared lot of others and more resources here: accord

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    - Dual exhaust with OEM 2.4 tips
    - All car bulbs LEDs on brake, parking, interiors, except license plate
    - A2DP receiver, USB portable charger
    - 19mm UltraRacing rear stabilizer
    - Headlight retrofit conversion: upgrading the headlights from OEM xenon 35W 4300K to bixenon 50W using RX350 bi-xenon + STI-R clear lens projectors, morimoto 5five ballasts, OSRAM 66240 CBI 5000K bulbs and LED 4x XML-T6 Highbeam for flash-to-pass functionality. Also, custer of 3x3 1W LEDs, 6 amber for blinkers and 3 white for DRL and parking lights.
    - DPF and EGR disabled, ECU reprogramming @220cv
    - Some Carputer tests, but at the moment its a try.
  1. Nice Accord, BTW by RPI XBMC you mean Openelec?
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    1. mr.xkr Avatar
      Its a similar distro, but now it changed to OSMC, read it:
      mr.xkr, Monday 31st Aug, 2015
  2. Some nice mods there @mr.xkr. Are you still trialling the carpc ?
    1. mr.xkr Avatar
      Yes, that will my next move, but I don't have so much time to do can-bus hacking, so I'm thinking on install a chinesse navi unit, but by the way, no carpc neither chinesse navi.

      PS: Photos are RPI XBMC media center and a real full-featured CarPC, but I do not install it because as I'd just said, I didn't hacked the OEM display.
      mr.xkr, Monday 12th Jan, 2015
  3. Thanks for your likes!
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  4. Thanks i-DSI! The weather was a surprise when making the photographs.
  5. What a beautiful location! Great pictures.
  6. only one photo is edited, the rest are crapy phone shots xD
  7. Great looking car! Nice shots and lovely edited pictures!