Mugen CL9
Daily Driver Owned by accordk24

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Evo 8 Euro 260 Seats Retrimmed in Alcantara and Leather
    Bride Low Seat Rails
    Blox Racing Torch Blue Shift :tut:
    CT Engineering Short Shifter
    Mugen Assist Dials (Water Temp, Oil Temp and Oil Pressure)
    Accord Euro-R Pedals
    JDM Flare With Holder
    Sony 6 Disc Multichanger
    Connect2 Interface

    Mugen Kouki Front Bumper
    Mugen Kouki Side Skirts
    Mugen Kouki Rear Splitter
    Mugen Zenki Rear Spoiler
    Mugen Wind Deflectors
    Door Pillars and Handles Painted
    Euro-R Rear Lights
    Facelift Bonnet
    Facelift Rear Bumper
    Carbon Wrapped Roof
    HID 6000k Head Lights
    HID 6000k Fog Lights
    LED Side Lights
    LED Fog Light
    LED Reverse Light
    Rays Volk RE30s Front 18x8 ET37 Rear 18x9 ET35

    K24A3 I-VTEC
    Tial QRJ BOV
    Tial MV-S Waste gate
    Rotrex C38-91
    Injector Dynamics ID1000s
    Hondata Flashpro
    2008 TSX ECU
    RRC Oil Pump Conversion
    MAC Boost Control Valve
    Prayoonto Stage 2 Cams
    Hondata 4 BAR MAP Sensor
    ARP Head Studs
    HPT Chain Guide
    RRC Intake Manifold Port Matched
    ZDX 70mm Throttle Body
    Mishimoto Radiator
    2 12inch Mishimoto Slim Fans
    PLM Race Header With Decat
    Custom 3 Inch Exhaust With Twin Toda Dolphin Tail Pipes
    AEM Short Ram Intake
    Ingals Stiffy Engine Damper
    Hond-R Fast Road Engine Mounts
    Hond-R O2 Simulator
    Hond-R Earth Kit
    Colour Coded Valve Cover
    Skunk2 magnetic Drain plug

    Tein Flex Coilovers
    Tein EDFC (Electronic Force Damper Control)
    J's Racing Front Strut Bar
    CT Engineering Rear Sway Bar
    Polyurethane Rear Sway Bar Bushs

    Wilwood Forged Superlite 4 Pot Calipers
    345x32mm Floating Front Discs
    Ferodo DS2500 Front pads
    300mm Rear Disc Conversion

    Competition Clutch Stage 4
    Competition Clutch Racing Flywheel
    EP3 Gear Set
    Quaife ATB Differential
    Insane Shafts 500bhp rated
    Hond-R Solid Shifter Bushes
    Skunk2 Oil Drain Plug
  1. So gutted for ya n such a shame to see such a gorgeous car ruined but good to see you are straight onto the new project and sounds like its going to be on hell of a thing :Smile:
  2. Omg man! That is shocking! What a psycho! Needs locking up and throw away the key.
    Did you mention on facebook the Accord your importing is a 4x4?
    1. accordk24 Avatar
      No I don't think I mentioned it to be honest dudey.
      accordk24, Thursday 1st Dec, 2016
  3. Ok so as some of you know, I've had a few issues with my Accord, which has lead to me to getting a new one. I have recently started seeing someone and her ex boyfriend got jealous and thought it would be wise to take it out on the Accord(if you know me, this will no go unsettled). So I have hatched a plan to import another Accord, take my bits off my one and put them all on the new one when it comes in. Let me know if you notice it...
    1. legend-ary Avatar
      Oh damn. What a vile man to take it out on poor Accord. Did he do more damage than just smashed glass? I guess yes otherwise why would you be getting another one. Sad to hear that though. Keep us posted
      legend-ary, Tuesday 29th Nov, 2016
    2. legend-ary Avatar
      Oh nooooo the interior photos are of your own car :O what has he done.
      legend-ary, Tuesday 29th Nov, 2016
    3. DrSam Avatar
      Couldn't be a man a confront you. All the best with your new Accord, looking forward to see the mods
      DrSam, Tuesday 29th Nov, 2016
  4. what a mean looking CL9! love it!
  5. Like this alot :Smile:
  6. How difficult was the Tein EDFC to fit mate?
  7. Stunning looking 7th Generation and an awesome parts list :Thumbup:
  8. Amazing car, really jealous of that parts list! :Smile:
    Have you rolled your rear arches?
  9. Thanks for the comments guys
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