My Accord iCTDi
Daily Driver Owned by a_est_1984

  • This is my 2007 i-CTDi ex in black

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    I have done slight mods to it.

    1) Rear window tints to dark smoke
    2) x4 wind deflectors added
    3) Main and fogs changed to HID @55W 5000k,
    4) High beam changed to High Power bright white lights
    5) All rear lights changed to Cree LED's
    6) All internal lights changed to White LED's including vanity mirror light
  1. Its actually quite surprising how much of a difference these make on the vision. I wear glasses and night driving or driving in the rain after dark was difficult, now with these lights I can see much clearer hence why I went for the 5000k rather than 6000k as for the rear lights, its a warning to the folks at the back.... STAY BACK! lol.
    I was actually afraid the car may not pass MOT as I get it serviced from Honda, but it was all good.
  2. Looking good Adeel. Looks well look after. Loving all the bright lighting LOL
  3. Ichiban, picture are up. feel free to comment
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    1. Ichiban Avatar
      And there is light !! Dazzelled by all those HID's and LED's well done mate.
      Ichiban, Tuesday 29th Sep, 2015
  4. Can we get a few picture of your car please.