My beloved DC5
Previously Owned Owned by Sims77

  • The car was imported on a 4/B grade but was spotless. I then took as much care over it as possible until the day a woman hit my car on works car park. Then her insurance company took 8 weeks to repair it and made a rear mess which I kept having to send back.
    Both insurance companies agreed the car was repaired and it looked good but wasn't the same for me. So I sold it. Which I regret but it's led me on to other things.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Eibach springs
    Eibach front camber bolts
    DMC rear camber arms
    Set up by Grinspeed.
  1. Ah, yes she did indeed looking stunning.
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  2. Such a shame, but she does look great in these shots. :Wub:
    1. Sims77 Avatar
      Thanks, I was gutted truly gutted when she was hit.
      Sims77, Sunday 22nd Mar, 2015
  3. Looked lovely, shame it couldn't be repaired to a decent standard.
    1. Sims77 Avatar
      Yeah I was gutted.
      It looked ok but not to my standards
      Sims77, Sunday 22nd Mar, 2015
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