My brilliant Jazz
Daily Driver Owned by rlower

  • Purchased in February 2012, at 1 year old, one owner, with only 3500 miles on clock.

    On 12th December 2015 when my new HR-V arrives, it will go to my daughter and hopefully she will have a reliable car for many more years.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Replaced headlamp bulbs for Nightbreakers. Changed most bulbs to led. Not the indicators though as they are orange bulbs. Fitted rear parking sensors.
    New battery at 2 1/2 years, two tyres and replaced rear wiper blade twice. Recently repositioned the rear wiper arm to park vertically so it doesn't collect dust and dirt and will move snow more easily on start-up.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Fitted K & N Air filter at first service. Never used a drop of oil between services.
  1. Your daughter is a very lucky lady indeed.
  2. Have you changed the indicators to LEDs as well
    1. rlower Avatar
      No, left them as they are orange coloured bulbs (your favourite colour?) and couldn't find any suitable leds at the time.
      rlower, Thursday 19th Nov, 2015
  3. Thanks Ichiban. Need to change engine. Didn't know the answer and had to enter something quickly as I had lost everything once already when my laptop went flat.
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  4. Nice ride buddy you want to post more pictures.The engine code may want changing fella it a L series engine.
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    1. rlower Avatar
      Would it be L13? If not how do I find out?
      rlower, Wednesday 18th Nov, 2015
    2. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Should be on your VIN plate
      SpeedyGee, Friday 20th Nov, 2015
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