My CL9 RRRocket !
Daily Driver Owned by littlebo

  • Here is my mild NA build, just for fun and experience :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    This car is something like stage2 NA build around very nice Brian Crower cams. So it has modded intake , i removed the resonator and installed air scoop, KN drop in filter , sourced bigger throttle body off TL , burnt some cash on RRC manifold. BC st2 NA cams , upgraded valvetrain with S2000 oem springs , K20 oil pump upgrade, slightly polished head intake windows. other than that - stock bottom. 4-1 ASP header , a jewel on the crown of this build, very nice and powerful one . High flow cat , stock catback. Everything is tuned with kpro dual ECU and then i moved to flashpro setup.

    Forgot to add set of pulleys, lightweight Enkeis and BBK .
  1. Is that a LHD car? nice mods bud :Grin:
    1. littlebo Avatar
      Yep, dats LHD one , gonna be turbo and MT soon :Smile:
      littlebo, Thursday 25th Sep, 2014
  2. Strong modification list, you've chosen to spend where it's most important. Interesting choice in the BC Cams. Like the fact you've utilised many OEM parts for the build instead of relying on the aftermarket.

    What power are you getting out of it? If I'd have to guess, I would say 240-260hp?
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    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      Agree with your priorities there completely mate, I'll be jumping on a Wilwood kit later down the line. I have a sharp set-up at the moment, but soon as more power goes in I'll need more. Priority number 1.

      Agree on the huge tranny losses for sure, I'm running more power with a CAI and remap alone.

      Acceleration is better than stock, but slower than a stock manual - definitely want to see how she runs with a manual box, LSD and short ratios.
      DeviateDefiant, Thursday 25th Sep, 2014
    3. littlebo Avatar
      I heard wilwood finally start to use dust boots in their calipers so their kit can be a good option for UK climate. You can also check Racing Brake 1pc rotor kit , rather inexpensive and well built one. Also has dust boots implemented and if you running stock type-s 17th wheels then its the only 324mm BBK which fit stock wheels without any spacers. You can take a look here
      littlebo, Thursday 25th Sep, 2014
    4. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      I know the options quite well mate, bang for buck would definitely be the K-Sport kit, I've considered the 4-Pot Acura RL or TL Type-S Brembos route a few times as well.
      DeviateDefiant, Thursday 25th Sep, 2014
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