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  • Just bought my CR-V cdti pick it up on Wednesday am a member of a lot of honda forums got recommended you guys will get more pics when i get her
  1. Hi Guys, need a spot of help.
    I have a 2010 CR-V diesel manual with 40k on the clock that I've had from new. Just had the air compressor blow and been told that it's over £1000 to repair. I've been looking through the forums and see that this is a problem that Honda have know about, and some folks have managed to get a 3+3 year warranty extension and got it repaired by Honda. however I talk to the local garage and they have know idea, and pretty much got the same brush off from Honda UK.
    Not very good at this complaining thing and I want to go armed with as much up to date info as I can get. Any hints, tips, previous experiences would be greatly appreciated.
    1. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      Hey Pete, you're best starting a new thread about the issue - I don't think many people will see your question here on Phil's garage entry.
      DeviateDefiant, Tuesday 14th Jul, 2015
  2. Fantastic colour, goes really well with the privacy glass. Congrats @fastphil.
  3. She looks fantastic, looking forward to seeing more pictures of her.

    Out of curiousity, who recommended you to Honda Karma?
    1. fastphil Avatar
      it was my mate Pete hes the mod on Accord Type-R owners club am a member there and most honda car forums for a number of years never new about yourself s but everyone's really friendly will be sticking around
      fastphil, Thursday 13th Nov, 2014
  4. Congratulations on your new lovely beast. Is it an EX with all those gorgeous extras such heated leather seats etc?
    1. fastphil Avatar
      no its just a ES model does not have all the toys but enough am not one for all these parking aids & stuff i can drive lol don't need them
      fastphil, Friday 14th Nov, 2014
    2. FarHanSolo Avatar
      Fair enough
      FarHanSolo, Friday 14th Nov, 2014
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