Daily Driver Owned by Jonnybwing

  1. Looks real nice. The wheels look especially cool. I pick up my black CR-V tomorrow. 2010 petrol ES in black. Looking forward!!
  2. Awesome CR-V and looks great in black. Would love one of these one day.
    Still the best shape in my opinion
  3. Good call on having petrol. Great family car.
  4. Thanks for the comments, picked up on Friday and very happy so far. 1 owner from new, full Honda service history, lots of toys including ACC which seems to work very well. Opted for petrol as the wife will be the main driver and we won't do very many miles.
  5. She's looking tidy there Jonny, as Speedy says the CR-V always looks great in black. The front brakes look tiny under those massive rims!
  6. CR-Vs look great in black :Thumbup:

    Please do tell us more about her.
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