Daily Driver Owned by Rushwind69

  • Hi all, loving my new CR-V that I purchased last week. The car has 80000 miles on the clock and is in pretty good condition.
    There are however a few faults that seem to be common issues reading the forums:
    1. Drivers heated seat bottom
    2. Front parking sensors
    3. Sticking front sunroof shade
    These look like fairly expensive things to fix so I guess I will live with them.
    Thanks for the wealth of information on the site.
  1. Looks like she's in great condition. What do you think about her now you've had her for 2 months?
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    1. Rushwind69 Avatar
      Sorry about the late reply Nels. After an initial problem where the fuel rail had to be replaced due to starting issues she is now running brilliant and I am really impressed with the practicality and fuel economy of the car. You really can't go wrong with Honda's
      Rushwind69, Sunday 10th Jan, 2016
  2. Like he colour - as @FirstHonda it rally suits the car. Looks a nice clean motor asthough the previous owner has looked after it. Enjoy!
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  3. That's a nice looking CR-V @Rushwind69 :Smile:

    The colour really suits it.

    I'm sure somebody will be able to help/advise on some cheaper ways around your few issues...especially the parking sensors, there have been a few threads on those.
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    1. GeoffHonda Avatar
      The sticking sunroof shade is also a known issue. Youll find info here but involves stripdown, remove grease and new front sliders.
      GeoffHonda, Sunday 3rd Jan, 2016
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