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  1. Hi. I haven't experienced anything like yet. Does your model give you a warning when the screen washer fluid level is low?

    Something else which is not related to this. I bought my CR-V in September last year and in December I start hearing a "squeaky" noise when releasing the clutch pedal. The noise goes away after driving for a while. I took the car to the dealer and they found a faulty master cylinder which will be replaced under warranty. Work has not been done yet as there is a back order.
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      Hi, Thanks for your reply. Yes it does have a `low screen wash` warning but at present I am managing to keep it above that level. The trouble is I can`t see where the level is in the bottle because it has to be at least 1ltr down! Sorrry to hear about the master cylinder fault.
      DesTec, Tuesday 2nd Feb, 2016
  2. Has anyone had problems with leaking screen wash fluid from a head lamp washer on the 4th generation CR-V? This started on mine 2 weeks ago and the dealer says that Honda will not cover the repair. Honda issued a TSB in June 2015 stating that it was a hard water issue in the UK and therefore not their responsibility. If the bottle is filled, 1ltr of screenwash leaks out on to the floor, from behind the washer, until the levels balance. The offending part is, I believe, an `o` ring that is affected by hard water. This spoils a good car and makes it not fit for purpose!
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  3. Ditto. Please also let us know what you think of you CR-V
  4. Please do post more pictures of your CR-V when you have a mo.