My Edix
Daily Driver Owned by sal_frv

  • Honda FR-V (Edix) import
    2.0 Vtec
    55K mileage
    Rare Mugen Bodykit
  1. Finally an FR-V that I would like to own! :Grin:
  2. Hi @sal_frv , that looks very much like Aston Hall there. I'm not a million miles away from there so Hopefully I'll catch a glimpse of you driving around some time. Stunning car though :salute:
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    1. sal_frv Avatar
      Thanks for your lovely compliments. Yes you recognised it, it is is Aston Hall and car is located on Aston Hall road. Come down any time for a meet.
      sal_frv, Tuesday 22nd Nov, 2016
  3. an awesome looking FR-V
  4. Very nice indeed.

  5. Love the mugen kit
  6. Yes you can. I can't remove them myself. Thanks
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  7. Do you want to reload these images again with the correct orientation? I will remove the affected one.
    1. sal_frv Avatar
      There's just one more image which didn't upload right. Could you please delete that only. Thanks
      sal_frv, Monday 21st Nov, 2016