My first Honda
Daily Driver Owned by Malc

  • This is my only car, it is also my first Honda.
    It has the full leather interior with wood (plastic) cappings and electric every thing
    Things to deal with...
    1. Ignition switch
    2.Headlamp washers aren`t working
    3. Clean headlight covers.
    4. Sort front fog lights out or change them as these are grotty.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Changed Bose radio/cassette player for my own JVC CD player.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Almost a full service history, fully stamped book but odd paperwork absent.
  1. I don't often see CG8s in red. I love it.
    1. Malc Avatar
      There is another one just round the corner from me, it's on an 02 plate, it is the Sport version.
      Malc, Tuesday 22nd Sep, 2015
  2. There is an identically colour Accord Sport on an 02 plate 500 yards from me.
    Just thought I'd tell you that for no real reason.
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      someone with taste
      Harvey, Thursday 30th Jul, 2015
  3. New ignition switch works as it should.
    I've got some paint to re-do the side skirts.
    Got a cleaning kit for the headlights.
    The next big job to do is to give the EGR system a good clean which should give it back it's performance which is lacking at times.
    I have to say that this car has grown on me and I really like it.
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  4. A lovely looking example Malc, she shines like new, and granted has a few issues, but all in good time!
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  5. :Hooray:Very nice. Red can show neglect quite easily - the fact that she looks so good shows how well she has been looked after.
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  6. She looks pristine, you can tell its been garaged. Give the fog lights a good rub down then a pressure washer blast and they will be good as new.
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  7. Congratulations Malcolm. She does look in good condition. A great find.
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  8. Looks good. Every time I see one of these 6th Gens I reminisce about my first Honda :Smile:
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  9. Nice looking, tidy 6th Generation. She seems to have been well cared for :Smile:
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    1. Malc Avatar
      Thank you, it has had two lady owners before me the last one for 10 years who happens to be a garage owner.
      Malc, Thursday 14th May, 2015
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