My Honda mower
Lawnmower Owned by rlower

  1. any mods? :Grin:
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  2. Honda quality wins again. Thank you for sharing Richard.:Hey:
  3. Wow that's is an old timer I haven't seen one of those other than brochures. How is the steel deck coping any rust come through ?
    1. rlower Avatar
      The deck is all cast aluminium so no problem with rust. Usually clean at end of season and spray with WD or similar. Exhaust under the deck and has always looked rusty and expected to need a change every year for last 20 years, but so far so good.
      rlower, Wednesday 18th Nov, 2015
    2. Ichiban Avatar
      Why can't they make mowers with aluminium now!!
      Ichiban, Wednesday 18th Nov, 2015
  4. Purchased over 30 years ago and still going strong.
    Two new spark plugs and occasional oil changes and blade sharpening.
    Probably my best ever buy. If Carlesberg made mowers, they would be second to Honda.
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