my Honda
Company Car Owned by Haji

  • Awaiting delivery.
  1. A black petrol Accord. Good choice. :Niceone:
  2. And sorry I am late with this picture but here it is..... The day one!

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  3. [​IMG]

    The Car!
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  4. Hi Katerin,
    Is the picture correct? You also bought the 18 inch Delta wheels on this car? Great.
    Have them also, but didn't mount them yet. Will use them only in summer and standard 16 inches for winter.
    What tyres you will have on the Delta's? Honda original Yokohama's?
    Best regards,

    Edit: just see now the picture is a diesel :Wink:.
    1. Haji Avatar
      I took the car. Great one! The picture I will take soon. Here was big snow but the car doing well, 400 km on the clock!!!
      I am with Yokohamas winter, on a 17 inches wheels.
      Also I order the shine chrome line on the back. It will come next week.
      Haji, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
    2. i-DSI Avatar
      Oh I see. The picture is not with your wheels. The chrome line on the back: weird.... this should be standard from modelyear 2012 onwards. You're talking about the chrome line in between the rear lights, on the same height as where you need to push the button to open the trunk, right?
      Glad to hear you're happy with this car. I have the same engine, and also a friend of mine has the same 4-door as mine and yours. He comes from an Alfa Romeo GT 1.9 diesel and this Accord is relief in his eyes.
      i-DSI, Sunday 8th Feb, 2015
  5. You can't really go wrong with a petrol Accord, I'm sure it will serve you well.
  6. The Company is mine! Small company 6 people staff! Yes I am lucky!

    I own Avensis 5 year. bad experience with it. It is bigger but full with bugs.

    The price of a Accord it here is good - 25 000 eur - 1500 eur for tires and insurance. So 23 500 for new and VAT reclaimable!

    I really hope I will meet the Honda quality in my Accord!

  7. Brand new Accord Tourer, you're a lucky man :Smile:

    Please do tell us more about yourself and your soon to be new Honda :Thumbup: