My legend
Daily Driver Owned by mattyg

  • HI Folks here are a few pictures of the car as promised I only cleaned the car the day before and then it chucked it down so it's mucky again in the pictures. Owned it nearly a year and still love it , I am getting about 31 mpg equivalent round town at the minute and I really am doing a really short run to work so this worse case. When I was doing lots of motorway miles I was getting about 50 mpg not bad out of a 300 bhp 4wd car. Will post some more pictures of the inside next week and some better exterior shots was hoping to set the ball rolling amongst other legend owners.

  1. The MPG sounds great! I get 23mpg average but drive 9 minutes to work and 9 minutes back so the engine never heats up and its 9 minutes of country roads with sharp bends.

    I get 33 on motorway doing 70.
  2. Very beautiful color, and the car chic.
  3. Nice car. Love mine to. But have a few minor problems.
    Expensive to do anything with
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  4. Hiya Matt,

    Now that is one big Honda, love this luxo-barge. I've been watching these babies since their launch. Very cool.
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  5. Hi matt
    Lovely car. Nearly had a new one a few years ago but didn't do the deal for some reason. A credit to you. Very nice.
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