My Lude
Daily Driver Owned by cbrn_1

  • My daily and project car... later in the future swap in a H23A Vtec with some 400cc Rc injectors

    This car has been rebuild from the ground up. From engine, transmission, suspension, audio, body work, and etc. This is my daily driver and also my project car, its ready for show, street, and track ready!

    The engine pics is before and after and this is my Prelude right now at this moment waxed and detailed! To make it more clean than this is out of my hands.
    The last two pics is the first pics that i washed my car .

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Dc Headers, Aem Intake, High Flow Cat, Megan Racing Catback, and Mafc Vtec Controller

    (Use to be auto and changed to a 5 speed transmission upgraded to a short shifter. Also ported and polished the intake manifold to stage 2. kept my Vtec controller and soon installing a chipped ecu.

    5 speed swap and ported and polished intake manifold!

    Service History & Related Threads

    Something ill share is that i only use Honda OEM engine and transmission parts! I don't want to risk my car with some cheap parts from any auto part store.
  1. Planning on putting some stage 2 or 3 cams still debating which ones and also in the future install some titanium valves and retainers, port throttle body, intake manifold and head and polish, and upgrade the transmisson to stage 2 racing transmission! Those are my plans for the future
  2. Nice car, which h23 are you swapping, the blue top one?
  3. Honda karma give me a shout out on instagram!
  4. Very nice, tell us more about her. What mods have you done and what do you have planned?
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