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Daily Driver Owned by Fiskekutteren

  • This is my first car. I brought it right after i got my licens.

    It is equipped with a leather steering wheel with Cruise Control buttons, but the car does not have Cruise Control.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    A red intake tube with a AEM filter. Brought at AKR-performance.
    Painted the headlamp assembly Satin-Black, so it look likes the atr ones.
    Painted the front grill Satin-Black.
    Front and back Honda emblems has been painted in gold.
    Made a subwoofer box out of fiberglass so it fits nice and snuggly in the left side of the boot, without taking too much space.
    Shortshifter. I have cut about 5 cm off the travel distance, made a huge difference.
    Aluminum gearknob.
    Facelift Grill mounted
    Fog lights(not working though)
    BC Racing Type BR coilovers(see project log). Still doing the chores even when lowered.
    ATR front lip.
  1. I love what you've done with the front lights!
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    1. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      Thank you very much. You can do it too, it is not that hard. :Smile:
      Fiskekutteren, Tuesday 15th Nov, 2016
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    3. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      What do you mean by "garage destroyed my interior". How could they do that? :Frown:
      Fiskekutteren, Thursday 18th Aug, 2016
    4. exec Avatar
      They secretly took out the dash to take off bulb of EML to pass mot, rather than clear code and in the process used a screwdriver to pierced and ripped the dash in many places.
      exec, Friday 19th Aug, 2016
    5. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      Wow! Sounds terrible. feeling with you man. :Frown:
      Fiskekutteren, Friday 19th Aug, 2016
  2. Looking superb, love the front man, such a clean looking car, you've done a fantastic job. :Niceone:
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    1. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      Thank you very much :Smile:.
      Fiskekutteren, Monday 13th Jun, 2016
  3. That's a well cared for CG6 :Niceone:
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    2. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      :Grin: you do not need to apologise. Everyone can make mistakes :Wink:
      Fiskekutteren, Thursday 5th May, 2016
    3. Nels Avatar
      It's just to prove I'm human, and not a robot like the avatar.
      Nels, Thursday 5th May, 2016
    4. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      Fiskekutteren, Saturday 7th May, 2016
  4. Looking very good with the yellow figs and grille
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      Would look fantastic on yours with the sport grill, or maybe go the step further and paint it in the same color as the car. Planning to that on mine some day :Grin:
      Fiskekutteren, Tuesday 5th Apr, 2016
    3. exec Avatar
      Yeh I think color coding the chrome bits would actually be the best thing, I did some photoshop and makes car look clean and seamless.
      exec, Tuesday 5th Apr, 2016
    4. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      Will definitely make the car look more classy :Grin:
      Fiskekutteren, Tuesday 5th Apr, 2016
  5. Lovely looking car, my CG9 is my first car too, have loved every bit of the ownership!
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    1. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      Thank you. Your yellow fog lights looks amazing.
      Fiskekutteren, Monday 25th Jan, 2016
  6. Gorgeous car, man. My first was a 6th Generation saloon as well with a 1.8i. They're excellent cars. Never had any problems with mine and it always performed brilliantly. Gotta say, yours is a lot prettier, though!
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    1. Fiskekutteren Avatar
      Thanks man!
      Fiskekutteren, Sunday 24th Jan, 2016
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