My New Toy
Daily Driver Owned by Pjrzn

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Currently on:
    • Meister R Zeta S Coilovers
    • Standard 17" Wheels 225/45
    Future Plans, it will be a very slow project as it requires a lot of money which I barely have. But i will get there somehow. If you guys have any suggestions to my list i.e better parts or if some of it are pointless please feel free to comment as I am very new to Accords.

    Plans as follows;

    Braking & Suspension
    • Meister Zeta S Coilovers ***Purchased***
    • Ultra Racing Front Upper Strut
    • Progress Rear Anti Roll Bar
    • Skunk2 Pro Series Camber Kit
    • Hard Race Rear Camber Arms
    • Tarox Sport Japan Drilled and Grooved Rear 260mm
    • K-Sport Big Brake Kit 304mm
    • Injen cold air intake SP Series
    • Skunk2 Pro Series Inlet Manifold
    • ACT Full Face Clutch Kit Stage 2
    • ACT Pro Lightweight Flywheel
    • Mugen Side Spoiler
    • Universal Fiber Glass FX Diffuser and Front Spliiter
    • Mugen Sport Grille
    • Front & Rear Mugen Under Spoiler
    • Mugen GT Wing
    • Seibon CF Bonnet
    • Rota GTR 18" Wheels
    • Takata Street Pro Seat

  1. For some strange reason I'm starting to like the look of the Pentas again???
    Nice colour (the only colour really) and a good plan of action good luck and welcome to you and your Accord
  2. Looks fantastic, love this colour on this gen, would buy it in this color or thunder grey if I ever went for a 7th Generation.
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  3. Failure is not an option. Well done PJ.
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  4. Yeah hahaha- was soaking wet after though lol- thanks bud
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  5. Look at that dedication rain or no rain I will fit those springs. Welcome to HK buddy.
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