My outgoing Honda (so long, old friend)
Previously Owned Owned by Big H

  1. Here's my traffic-buster:
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    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Beauty ! that deserve a Honda Karma Garage entry of it's own @Big H
      SpeedyGee, Wednesday 12th Aug, 2015
  2. S2000's always look stunning and yours was no exception. Sorry to hear that you had to trade her in :Frown:
  3. Smashing!
    Good to see you have a little keepsake memento :Wink:
  4. Cool just added that to your garage for you.
  5. As she's leaving, I'll give you a photo of 'Junior' instead (the yellow speck by the front wheel).
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  6. Nice need more pictures buddy.
    1. Big H Avatar
      I should have held out for one of these, but the budget wouldn't stretch that far:

      Big H, Wednesday 12th Aug, 2015