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  1. hi. on any car dpf and egr create lot of problems.
  2. Please read this link. It is from the Government's site.

    If you remove the DPF, you will not have a valid MOT. You will have also modified your vehicle, something you have to declare to your insurer.
    If you declare it, your insurance will be cancelled. If you remove the DPF and don't tell the insurance company then you will be driving without insurance.
    This is a criminal offence.

    As well as all of that, the DPF is there to reduce the harmful exhaust emissions. Removing it will cause harm to people.
    Just don't do it.
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  3. in saturday DPF remuval remap and EGR off !! :fingerscrossed:
    1. Nels Avatar
      Do you really want to do that?
      DPF removal is illegal, will invalidate your MOT and you will not be insured to drive on the road.
      Nels, Thursday 7th Apr, 2016
    2. Georgi Boshev Avatar
      Omg-performanse check this on google its not nesesery to fail mot-:Smile:
      Georgi Boshev, Friday 8th Apr, 2016
  4. 200,000 miles on an 8th Generation. That's pretty impressive.:salute: