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Daily Driver Owned by Eck

  • I thought I shouldn't but I did, another Jazz EX

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Premium pack, full size spare
  1. Handsome machine you have there, if it improves on the earlier offerings it must be a very special motor indeed. Congrats.
  2. It drives and feels comfort wise the way a Honda should - a vast improvement on the previous version.

    Getting some motorway use tomorrow.
    Will try and get some decent internal photos.
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    1. FirstHonda Avatar
      Great to hear @Eck

      I said when I first saw the new Jazz that it impressed me more than the new HR-V. It just felt like a high quality, and beautifully designed thing. Good stuff Honda.
      FirstHonda, Tuesday 10th May, 2016
    2. legend-ary Avatar
      Great. I must add.. I like the fact that unlike GE they haven't hid the plugs etc under the scuttle panel. Even if it looks complicated but to me the bay looks nice and accessible once the warranty runs out :Smile: On my GD you have to take so many plastics off just to perform basic tasks.
      legend-ary, Tuesday 10th May, 2016
  3. Superb looking car, really like the new Jazz.
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  4. 2nd day - runs, feels like a Honda should, a great advance on previous model.

    All the new electronic bells and whistles will take a little time to get used to but generally easy to deal with.
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  5. I do like your 'wee run about'
    Any pictures of the interior?
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  6. Don't believe the 6th gear stories, seems OK to me if driven with recognition of road in front, or just ignore the up/down and feel what the car wants!

    Only downside found within 2 hours owning - flimsy boot cover when tray taken out and proper spare fitted - will need to manufacture packing to allow dog in boot caddy above.
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  7. o wow. HK's first 4th Generation
    Looks stunning in black! eager to hear your views on how is it
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