New family mobile/work van/daily
Daily Driver Owned by Giochanni

  • Got this delivered today. Fresh Jdm. More photos to follow as I am currently in my recovery bed from recent surgery.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    already has Mugen bodykit consisting side skirts, front and rear bumper, grill and wind deflectors

    Service History & Related Threads

    Bought from The Carwarehouse in middlesburgh, the car came with 12 months mot
    3 months nationwide warranty
    oil and filter service
    full valet
    waxoil/underseal for uk roads
    uk registration
    uk plates
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    2. Giochanni Avatar
      Cheers Ichiban.
      Never knew about that beauty. Lovin the exhaust on it!
      Giochanni, Tuesday 19th Jul, 2016
  1. JDM Edix with full Mugen kit, I like it ! :Thumbup:
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      Cheers G. Been readin up on a few of your project logs. Need to sort a few things out like speedo and maybe lpg conversion too.
      Giochanni, Tuesday 19th Jul, 2016
  2. Very nice. Is it the 4wd version?
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      Unfortunately not
      Giochanni, Sunday 17th Jul, 2016
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