New Indy Yellow
Daily Driver Owned by bobbybliss

  • I've wanted one of these for a very long time. Never did it because of practical reasons. Bought it in October 2014. Traded in the Jazz, kept the Accord. Lovely daily driver. Didn't really look for a yellow car, but my god, is it awesome? No regrets!!!

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    In chronological order:
    • OEM hard top in Berlina Black
    • Back Yard Special lowered seat rails (an inch of extra space for your head and knees... best upgrade ever!)
    • 2x CR-V passenger side earo wipers
    • OZ Allegerita HLT Titanium Tech 17 inch wheels with Michelin Winter Tyres
    • Pioneer DEH-80PRS head unit (I tried it for a few months, but the OEM head unit is annoyingly weak)
    • Gladen M165 speakers (And tweeters. And some Dynamat)
    • Modrify Dash Control Interface
    • Modrify Convertible Top Fix
    • Honda Access four piece luxury floor carpets
  1. fantastic looking car.
    best of luck with it
  2. Yellow is the new Blue. Stunning Car and fantastic colour.
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  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Enjoy reading that.

    The car was pretty much like new when I bought it. Low milage. Garaged. Barely any paint chips. But it went through severe torture from the carwash from hell. Polishing really helped. I added a before-photo
  4. Awesome colour. Great car.
  5. Stunning looking AP1 :Thumbup:
  6. From a Jazz to an S2000. No contest really.

    She looks just fantastic, I don't like yellow cars myself, but she really does look smart. Look forward to hearing more about her.
    1. bobbybliss Avatar
      Well, more from the Accord to an S, but yes, it is an upgrade. Comfortable too, with the hardtop. Looking forward to spring!

      Our Jazz was yellow as well. Looked great, but we had a terrible partial respray when some parking damage needed to be repaired. It is just impossible to match colours with a yellow tricoat. So I was also reluctant. But I just fell in love.

      Just go for full respray in a couple years...
      bobbybliss, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
  7. Smashing. What a great car!
    1. bobbybliss Avatar

      Photo's taken just after professional polishing and Teflon coating. Also cheated with a digital colour enhancer...
      bobbybliss, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
  8. Superb looking Oz wheels.
    1. bobbybliss Avatar
      Yes, love these wheels.

      Saving 1 kilogram on each corner and also a perfect fit (only 6mm wider than OEM)
      bobbybliss, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
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