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Weekend Toy Owned by MrGreeny

  • Imported my beautiful AUR back in July, after about 6/7 weeks I took delivery.
    The car was completely standard 4.5 grade.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    I had yellowspeed coilovers fitted and a Cat 1 alarm system before I collected.

    I then set about buying some bits. I bought:
    Evo 8 enkei alloys which I had refurbed and powder coated in white.
    Genuine Honda wrinkle red cam cover.
    24c gold plated engine dress nuts.
    Password jdm blue engine bay dress kit.
    Drop in K&N filter
    Mugen rear spoiler
    Roof/window rear spoiler.
    SMD LED side lights, number plate lights, and interior lights

    And painted my Calipers blue.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Lots of history and service stamps but I don't read Japanese so haven't a scooby what it is lol
  1. She's looking really good. You must be very happy with what you've achieved.
  2. Surprised to hear the BC's are are harder ride when the yellowspeeds have a spring rating of 18 and the BC's are generally 10 or 12. Your feedback has really changed my mind as bc's were top of my list, but never really heard feedback from the same chassis.

    Your car is looking stunning by the way, nice work.
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    2. P11YLJ Avatar
      I'm in West Sussex, right next to Gatwick airport. I only know the spring rates as have spent god knows how long deciding which setup to go for not that I really have a clue about it all.
      P11YLJ, Monday 14th Sep, 2015
    3. MrGreeny Avatar
      Ah shame I was going to see I'd take you out let you feel it for yourself lol.
      MrGreeny, Tuesday 15th Sep, 2015
    4. P11YLJ Avatar
      It would be quite a trek, but thanks for the offer and the thought.
      P11YLJ, Wednesday 16th Sep, 2015
  3. That sure is one beautiful EuroR
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    1. MrGreeny Avatar
      Thank you very much. I've not had her long but she is coming along nicely :Smile:
      MrGreeny, Sunday 13th Sep, 2015
  4. How do you find the yellowspeed coilovers as the spring rates look pretty firm to me. I am currently considering these as an option for my Type-S so would be good to hear back how they behave on an Accord.
    1. MrGreeny Avatar
      hi, so far so good. I'm running the damping force on 12 clicks front and 8 rear which is supposed to be close to standard ride quality. i think its its firmer than standard. body roll has been cut a fair amount it takes corners with ease.
      MrGreeny, Friday 11th Sep, 2015
    2. MrGreeny Avatar
      I've not tried them on their hardest setting or on track yet so can't comment on that really. i will see at speed on a motorway they can be a little bouncy going over humps but this could be due to me running them on soft really.
      they are not as hard as the bc's that are on my wife atr.
      I'm happy with them so far and from my experience would recommend them.
      MrGreeny, Friday 11th Sep, 2015
  5. Engine bay is on here, I'll get some of how it sits on the wheels :Smile:
  6. That looks hot :Drool: more pics please!
    1. MrGreeny Avatar
      More pics in the project log section I think lol
      MrGreeny, Tuesday 25th Aug, 2015
    2. exec Avatar
      Why indeed there is, but more of the car :Tongue:
      exec, Wednesday 26th Aug, 2015
  7. So annoying lol
  8. I'm trying it only let's upload one every now and then for some reason
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      Are uploading from a mobile phone ?
      SpeedyGee, Saturday 12th Sep, 2015
  9. Very nice, more pics please with the engine bay and Evo wheels.