Weekend Toy Owned by Samantha

  • Owned by me since Feb 2002, the realisation of a dream, garaged, loved and pristine.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Later OEM 7-spoke alloys, clear repeaters.
  1. Maybe one day I'll be able to drive a NSX :Wink:
  2. One of the best super sports cars ever built !!!
  3. nice to see another proud NSX owner. looks a nice clean example
  4. Awesome cars indeed! Being a Honda tuner since 1999, I consider tuning an NSX a major milestone :Smile: This was not easy as just three of them can be found in my country. Fortunately one of them fell into my hands; 108seconds of pure NSX (supercharged) joy!

  5. I love how the NSX still looks perfectly at home sitting next to other sports cars such as the lambo and ferraris.

    A car which still looks great 20 years down the line.
    1. Samantha Avatar
      Hard to believe that my NSX is 24yrs old!
      Samantha, Friday 30th Jan, 2015
    2. exec Avatar
      I forgot how old they are now you mention it! They look absolutely timeless and as nighthawk said they sit right at home next to Italian exotica.
      exec, Saturday 31st Jan, 2015
  6. A few more pics added :Smile:
  7. Nice to see another NSX on here.

    Very nice indeed
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  8. Such a sweet motor:Wub:, please tell me it's manual!!:Drool::Drool:
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    1. Samantha Avatar
      It is indeed a manual. I sat in one when they first came out at the motorshow in Earls Court. So when I finally could buy one, it had to be a pristine red/black manual coupe with non PAS.
      Samantha, Saturday 10th Jan, 2015
  9. Fantastic, just fantastic. :Hooray:
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