One of My Previous Ones
Previously Owned Owned by Peterbfd

  • 2003 Honda Accord 2.4 Executive

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Modifications :

    Front Bumper Skirt
    Rear Bumber Skirt
    Side Skirts
    Upgraded Twin Exhaust
    Window Tints
    Sub Installed on Sat Nav System
    Blue Amibiant Lighting (Front & Rear with Remote)
    Mugen Front Grill with Mugen Badge
    LED Side Light
    LED Interior Lights
    After Market 18inch Alloys
    Typhoon Induction System
    Painted Calipers
    Tinted Rear Lights and Reflectors
    Lowering Springs
  1. I recall that car from THAOC , hey up peter its been a loooong time.
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    1. Peterbfd Avatar
      Haha, It has been a long time, thought I would come and see what Hondakarma is all about.
      It's looking good. Thinking of starting to spend some time and money on my 8th Generation. Been unable to do this for some time now due to life, kids etc.
      Peterbfd, Thursday 21st May, 2015
  2. The little mods makes it stand out very nice indeed.
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  3. She's a real beauty Peter.
    I like the attention to detail with the 'H' centre caps on those Wolfrace alloys.:Niceone:
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  4. Thats nice, very tastefully done.
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  5. There were some nice mods on that.! Did you sell on as it was?
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    1. Peterbfd Avatar
      Yep sold it with all the mods, a guy travelled from Cardiff for it (thinking of starting some mods with my 8th Generation now)
      Peterbfd, Thursday 21st May, 2015
  6. :clap:Fantastic.
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