Partner's new CR-V "Sally"
Daily Driver Owned by Askdean

  • Needs some TLC!

    Beginning pics attached, project log regularly updated with mods as done, expect lots of pics
  1. I think Sally has found a good home now. Good luck with the 'TLC'.
    Keep us updated on progress via your Project Log Tab.
  2. Thanks, forgot to mention it had a new rad in September, in the fullness of time I'm going to slam it to the floor on coilovers, pimp daddy rims, lpg conversion, turbo, body kit to incorporate the 3ft intercooler... My partner's a petrol head too so I want to make it fast enough for me to drive (I have a 3.2 v6 frontera with 3" lift with rough country 200psi nitro shocks, full 3" stainless currently rocking 220 at the back wheels, waiting to be remapped once the snorkel's been fitted as cold air intake)
  3. Cool, drop all the gory details into your Project Log :Wink:
  4. Just got her home, she's been sat at the garage from before Christmas so going to do a once over. Sourced drivers side rear wheel arch trim and skirt for £35 from Staffordshire but if anyone knows someone closer to Nottingham let me know, looking for a passenger side mirror as well. Will update you more once I've gone over her. Got a new battery, cat back exhaust, drives fine so will keep you updated lol
  5. What does she need doing to her @Askdean ?
    1. Askdean Avatar
      At minute going to start tomorrow morning with whipping all the wheels off to check pads, disks, just check bearings for play and tighten if needed. Then while wheels of give everything a coat of krust to start sorting rear archers out as rusted both sides where meets bumper. Drivers side worse so going to stop the rust then give it good clean down 4x2 hole needs plating and edge of arch so got a spare fronty wing in garage with a audi imprint on it lol
      Askdean, Friday 6th Mar, 2015
    2. Askdean Avatar
      I'm going to use for the edge and paste as thicker than honda metal work so should last longer. Engine bay detail so that i can check for any leaks. Then Sunday get the welding done and tidy up. Fit the new plastics and then sort passenger's mirror some new glass then I'll be happy for her to drive it. As I'll know it's safe.
      Askdean, Friday 6th Mar, 2015
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