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  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Done so far:

    Double din head unit fitted
    Tinted windows
    Fitted wind deflectors
    Bulbs changed to led (inside and out where possible)
    Carbon wrapped grille (temporary)
    Tinted rear lights
    Osram night breakers fitted
    Tinted headlight protectors
    Tinted fogs
    Replace wood effect dash with black one
    fully sound deadned
    18s refurb ed, , wrapped in new rubber and fitted
    winters on standard alloys ready
    Roof rails painted and fitted
    Lowering springs 30mm
    Hardrace adjustable camber arms
    sideskirts on

    Stuff acquired but not yet on car/jobs to do:

    DRLs with control box
    Under car LED kit
    Reversing camera
    Plastidip mirrors, grill and door handles anthracite
    ICE install (multiple possibilities)
    Plastidip standard alloys
    paint calipers
    fit new grill
    hella horns
    silver dash trim
    front camber bolts
    hardrace front droplinks
    black wrap roof

    Other plans/on the look out for

    front and back sports bumper
    SS exhaust
  1. Hi Chris, how ru mate? Well I hope, I desperately need ur help mate regarding amp wiring kit putting through
    1. chris2982 Avatar
      Hey bud ,, what can I help you with??
      chris2982, Tuesday 31st Jan, 2017
  2. Hi chris i'm a new member and i love all your mod's, I wanted to add a Double Din Stereo so could you kindly forward me all the part numbers needed for the head unit and the bezel and cage from honda and fascia adaptor from auto leads. Thanks a lot
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    2. 3tariq Avatar
      Thanks for the part numbers for the double din conversion i like your new dash being metallic black do you know the part number for that as mine is blue at the moment so would like to change it to suit the surround thanks.
      3tariq, Friday 29th Jul, 2016
    3. chris2982 Avatar
      I got the dash trim from a car at the breakers.
      If you check out this site it is really good for finding part numbers:
      chris2982, Friday 29th Jul, 2016
    4. 3tariq Avatar
      cool i'll check it out
      3tariq, Friday 29th Jul, 2016
  3. Now that's a really good looking FR-V!!!!:mosh::gohonda::GoodJob::sparta::link:lol
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  4. I really need help mate in just getting started by firstly getting a double din head unit in my car. I don't have a clue where or how to start!
    1. chris2982 Avatar
      found it :Smile: ... check out this thread,, I have the part numbers for the bits you will need..the surround I got from honda was the black,, if you need a different finish will not be same code.. @Holdcroft Honda got me fascia and cage for about 95 quid,, autoleads bezel was about 20 quid and around a fiver for harness.

      hope this helps
      chris2982, Tuesday 19th Jan, 2016
    2. chris2982 Avatar
      love the colour of your car,,, is that another FR-V in the background? ??
      chris2982, Tuesday 19th Jan, 2016
  5. Hey Chris, u ok mate? I think iv uploaded a pic of my car bt I don't kno how to check n see. I also don't kno how to get to the 'Introduce youself' bit. Im 35, I live in Leeds, im married with 4 beautiful kids.
    1. chris2982 Avatar
      check out here for how to ad your car to the club garage

      and here is the introduction page

      looking for the links I had for the dash parts for the double din ow :Smile:
      chris2982, Tuesday 19th Jan, 2016
  6. Hey Chris, im new to all this mate never been part of a forum before, Iv never even had facebook! Lol
    For the time being I just want to get a double din bluetooth head unit in and soon after get a sub in. As much as id love to go all out like urs mate I couldn't as I need space for a double buggy in the boot.
    1. chris2982 Avatar
      know what you mean about needing the space, , got 4 kids myself. 9, 2 and a half and the twins are 17 month.. can get a bit interesting at times :Smile:
      chris2982, Tuesday 19th Jan, 2016
  7. Hi mate, iv just recently purchased my 2005 FR-V 2.2i Ctdi sport but its been in my family for the last 5 years or so and has been looked aftered n maintained very well. Due to the arrival of our 4th child iv had to go from driving a fully modified Golf gti turbo to a MPV which I can happily live with but more than the power n dump valve I miss my awesome sound system I had. I want to make a start on building my sound system in my humble honda but would like some advice on getting my standard head unit changed to a after market double din unit pls mate. Help!!
    1. chris2982 Avatar
      the bits you need for the head unit are the bezel and cage from honda (I have the model numbers somewhere so will get them sorted for you) see @Holdcroft Honda to sort them,, you will also need the fascia adaptor from autoleads (again will find reference for you), and a harness.. as for the audio equipment itself see me ( if you want) as my brother runs @Allwoods Audio and does special rates for members..can supply almost , if not all brands available.
      what sort of system are you planning for??
      chris2982, Monday 18th Jan, 2016
    2. chris2982 Avatar
      just realised you are a new member.. welcome to the forum :Smile:
      you should pop over to the introduce yourself section and don't forget to pop your car in the club garage so we can have a look.
      chris2982, Monday 18th Jan, 2016
  8. Hi mate, do u have any pics of ur double din head unit fitted in the car?
    1. chris2982 Avatar
      just added some to my project log. .. for some reason I couldn't put on here.
      chris2982, Monday 18th Jan, 2016
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