Pocohondas at 100k
Daily Driver Owned by matt park

  • My much loved Accord Sport is about to go past the 100k mark so i thought i'd chuck her up here as a mark of respect. This has been far and away the best car i have ever owned, never had a mechanical fault and a pleasure to drive every time. She's barley got a mark on her, not bad for a motor that's nearly 14 years old

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    15 honda stamps in the now full service book. I have had it serviced by them every 6 months since owning her.
    Honda have changed the oil, oil filter, brake fluid and regassed the air con but everything else below i've done myself (sometimes with a little help from HK or a mate). I also had the Terraclean done in Nov 14. I thought it made quite a difference, i might get it done again at some point.

    Skunk 2 gear shifter
    Fuel filter at 74k
    Rear washer pump
    2 new headlight units
    Philips xtreme vision bulbs
    Pollen filter every year
    Spark plugs every year
    Transmission fluid at 74k
    Power steering fluid at 74k and 90k
    EGR valve cleaned evey year
    Engine coolant
    Shell V power only
    Regular STP fuel injector cleaner

    For her 100k birthday she is getting treated to new front discs and pads, a new clutch, some Type-R centre caps and Ring Lyra running lights.
  1. Excellent. Just excellent.

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  2. Beautiful example mate, she is really clean, could lick food off the engine bay too lol
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  3. I've had her since july 2014. She had been well looked after when i got her.
    She drives like new
  4. Looks a bit too clean for a 14 year old car :O how long have you had it?
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  5. She's looking really well !
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