Project Car
Weekend Toy Owned by dxb078

  • Came to Dubai 4 in 2011, and got the car as soon as I could. Considering how things are here, it would have made much more sense to get a more practical car...but my passion for motorsports overpowered the logic lol

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Zeal suspension
    aftermarket mounts and bushings
    J's racing arms, camber kit, roll center adjuster
    Volks Racing TE37 with Advan Neova AD08R
    Recaro bucket with Takata harness
    Cusco 7 point roll cage
    Engine and gear box overhauled by J's Racing (with some goodies inside)
    Hondata ECU with Derf Tune
    custome handmade ram air scoop (its ugly but it works)
    J's Racing big brake kit (front and rear)
    J's Racing RS70 exhaust and headers
    Mugen Intake
    more mods to come! (when i have money again lol)
  1. Fab looking S2000 @dxb078

    Look forward to hearing more about in your Project Log :Smile:
  2. A great project for you. :mechanic:
    Please add more photographs.
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    1. dxb078 Avatar
      Im on it! just need to find more recent pictures lol
      dxb078, Friday 15th May, 2015
    2. Nels Avatar
      NP. We just love to see these project develop. There is a Project Log tab where you can show your progress.
      Also, good to see a car that's not white in Dubai.
      Nels, Friday 15th May, 2015
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