Project ECK20
Track Project Owned by RJF

  • Long-term track project affectionately named Project ECK20. Which as the name suggests involves dropping a K20A2 into a 1989 Civic EC9 GL.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Engine & Transmission
    • K20A2 Engine with NPQ3 Gearbox
    • Competition Clutch - Stage 1
    • Rywire Conversion Harness
    • K-Tuned K24 Steel Sump
    • OEM Honda Flywheel Cover
    • K-Tuned Shifter Cable Grommet
    • K-Tuned Shifter Cables
    • K-Tuned Rocker Cover Breather
    • K-Tuned Heater Hoses
    • K-Tuned Oil Cooler Hoses
    • K-Tuned Throttle Body Coupler
    • K-Tuned Velocity Stack
    • K-Tuned -AN6 Fuel Filter
    • K-Tuned Fan Switch
    • K-Tuned Water Temp Sensor
    • K-Tuned Dip Stick
    • T7Design Plug Cover
    • Tegiwa Billet Oil Cap
    • Hondata KPro V3
    • Mishimoto EG K Swap Radiator
    • Mishimoto 12" Fan
    • Mishimoto K Swap Radiator Hoses
    • Mishimoto Expansion Tank
    • Skunk2 Alpha Series Header
    • Hasport EFK Mounts
    • Karcepts Alternator Relocation
    • Karcepts Fuel Rail
    • AEM AFPR
    • EFi Fuel Tank
    • Custom Braided -AN6 Fuel Lines Throughout
    • Thermal I/M Gasket
    • Thermal T/B Gasket
    • Solid Fabrications 2.5" Mani-back Exhaust
    • Solid Fabrications 3" Intake Tube
    • OEM EK Clutch Master Cylinder
    • HEL Braided Clutch Line
    • Odyssey PC680 Battery
    • Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
    • 6TWO1 Coilovers (10kg/6kg)
    • OEM CR-X VT Hubs
    • BWR Extended Studs
    • StrongFlex Front LCA Bushes
    • Skunk2 Front Camber Arms
    • Hardrace Rear Camber Arms
    • Hardrace Rear Toe Arms
    • OEM CR-X 1.6 16v Front Subframe with Manual Rack
    • Buddy Club Roll Centre Adjusters
    • K-Tuned Traction Bar
    • OEM JDM EF9 Rear Bumper
    • New rear arches
    • 3rd Generation Golf GTi Front Lip
    • Fiberworx Sunroof Bung
    • VT Style Fiberglass Bonnet
    • OEM JDM DC2 Clocks
    • RCrew Shifter Mounting Plate
    • 270mm Broadway Mirror
    • CT Fabrications 6 Point Roll Cage
    • Buddy Club Short Shifter
    • Recaro SPG Bucket Seat (Driver)
    • Recaro DC5 Recliner (Passenger)
    • Takata Drift III Harness (Driver)
    • Takata Drift II Harness (Passenger)
    • NRG Short Hub
    • NRG 2.5 Quick Release
    • Personal Grinta Steering Wheel (350mm)
    Wheels & Brakes
    • Enkei RPF1 (16x8 ET38)
    • Yokohama AD08R (215/45)
    • 15mm Spacer (FR)
    • Muteki SR48 Nuts
    • OEM EK9 1" Master Cylinder
    • HEL Braided Lines Throughout
    • MG ZR 282mm Front Discs & Calipers
    • EG 242mm Rear Discs & Calipers
    • OEM EK9 40/40 Prop Valve
  1. Proper job! Well done lads. can't wait to see this at some shows this year.
  2. Wow! nice toy!
    1. RJF Avatar
      Thank you :Smile:
      RJF, Monday 30th Jan, 2017
  3. And she's on the road :Smile: It sounds epic fair play :clap:
    1. RJF Avatar
      Thanks man! Still loads to do but shes getting there...
      RJF, Monday 30th Jan, 2017
  4. What a car! I like it:Thumbup:
    1. RJF Avatar
      Thank you kind sir! :Smile:
      RJF, Tuesday 3rd Jan, 2017
  5. Love it :mosh:
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    1. RJF Avatar
      Thanks dude! :Smile:
      RJF, Friday 23rd Dec, 2016
    2. K24 CL9 GUY Avatar
      Loving the video uploads can't wait till she's finished and get to see her fly
      K24 CL9 GUY, Friday 30th Dec, 2016
  6. @RJF Civiclife is part of HK now, just let me know the thread if you can find it I will merged to the project log.:Wink:
    1. RJF Avatar
      Thanks @Ichiban :Smile: The URL is:
      RJF, Thursday 22nd Dec, 2016
    2. Ichiban Avatar
      Done buddy look at your project log 390 posts!
      Ichiban, Thursday 22nd Dec, 2016
    3. RJF Avatar
      RJF, Thursday 22nd Dec, 2016
  7. Guys why did you didn't think of ditching the metal off the bonnet and going with perspex/plexiglass?
    1. RJF Avatar
      Perspex would be difficult to mold to shape, the EK bonnet allowed us to rivet it straight on. Gives us an easier base to build on!
      RJF, Wednesday 21st Dec, 2016
    2. naDiel Avatar
      Fair play. Although see through bonnet would set this into another dimension!
      naDiel, Thursday 22nd Dec, 2016
  8. Thanks guys, will attempt to keep this up to date.

    I have a build thread over on Civiclife which documents the build thus far:
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    1. legend-ary Avatar
      no permission to view :/
      legend-ary, Monday 11th Jan, 2016
    2. RJF Avatar
      I think you may have to sign up... I'll get some more photos uploaded once i'm home.
      RJF, Monday 11th Jan, 2016
  9. Just the kind of project I like ! I've done a couple of these myself now.

    Please do keep up posted with updates in your Project Log
  10. Looking forward to the build updates.